Committee Assignments and Legislation

Committee assignments and other information from the Deputation.

Six of the eight deputies from the Diocese of Georgia have been appointed to serve on a convention committee, which is more than in recent conventions. The Bishop and Deputies committee assignments are:

Person Committee Role
Benhase, Bishop Scott #17: Privilege and Courtesy Chair
Clarkson, Ted #21: Credentials Member
Logue, Frank
#21: Program, Budget & Finance Member
Grant, Jody #21: Credentials Member
Stevenson, Molly #10: Evangelism & Communications Vice Chair
Wilkinson Reyes, Sierra #12: Formation and Education for Ministry Assistant Secretary
Willoughby III, William #15: Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations Member


To contact your deputation during the General Convention, send an email to which will forward your communication to the Bishop, Deputies, and Alternates.

Legislation from the Georgia Deputation
The Diocese of Georgia has one resolution which will come to the convention. This is the resolution on Deaconess Anna Alexander passed unanimously by our conventions in 2011 and 2014. This is now Resolution C035 and we will join others in testifying to this resolution as a part of our work in Utah.

Additionally, Bishop Benhase and Canon Frank Logue each proposed resolutions to the House of Deputies and House of Bishops to direct existing budget funds to a test of Digital Evangelism. While the Bishop’s resolution has yet to receive a number, the Deputy resolutions is D019: Conducting and Online Digital Evangelism Test Canon Logue about this resolution here: The Opportunity in Digital Evangelism

Additionally, Canon Logue worked with six other deputies from across the church to draft a Memorial and nine other resolutions. Information is found online here:


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